Personnel & Staffing Solutions

WEHSS’s expert staffing team works alongside our clients to ensure we align the skills and requirements you are seeking in your safety team.

As your EH&S partner, we can assist you in supplying the right personnel required to complete your scope of work in a safe and efficient manner. Our reliable specialists can help fill in the demand for your construction, operation & maintenance needs. We have an extensive database of EH&S professionals to support your needs in all industries. Let us provide you with the safety personnel, administrative staff and everyone you require in between.

Staying sharp on any job site is a must. Being aware of potential hazards and fellow co-workers can help keep you and those in the vicinity safe and secure. WEHSS can fulfill all staffing and training requirements you have with your new or existing company. We have experienced environmental, health and safety professionals as well as specialized field workers and technicians available to help you complete the job, regardless of the deadline. The key to a successful organization or business is hiring and aligning the right people for the required position. WEHSS takes the guesswork out of trying to design your ideal team. We know what questions to ask and how to get our clients’ the right fit they are seeking.

WEHSS will provide you with EH&S professionals for:

Long-term and short-term projects
Operations & Maintenance
Plant turnaround
Plant Shutdown
Residential, Commercial and Industrial EH&S Management
Assist in Regulatory Inspections and Audits
Holiday Relief

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With over 75 years of combined experience, our expertise is second to none!  We provide site visits, detailed EH&S Programs and more… to meet your company’s needs!

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