Audits, Inspections & Investigations

After any workplace incidents, it can be a confusing and stressful time. Thankfully, the compassionate and professional team at WEHSS streamlines the entire process for you. WEHSS’s experienced team offers audits that are specific to the client’s needs including compliance and COR/SECOR audits.

As part of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI), include tracking & trending of leading & lagging indicators, your company’s SMS will include every point needed to pass inspections & audits, while keeping your employees safe.
By analyzing the details of the incident, we determine the root cause(s), corrective actions, and lessons learned to prevent the same incident from happening again. 

Certificate of Recognition (COR & SECOR)
Employers who have successfully implemented a basic Workplace Environmental Health & Safety Management System are eligible to be issued a COR or SECOR Certificate of Recognition. 
WEHSS will develop an occupational health and safety management system that goes beyond the current legal requirements. The voluntary program recognizes employers that are proactive about improving workplace safety and dedicated to continual improvement. 

Safe and healthy workplace
COR-certified employers demonstrate leadership, commitment to continual improvement, and dedication to worker health and safety. Possessing a certificate of recognition demonstrates to your workers, your industry peers, and the public that you value a workplace that’s safe and secure from injury, illness, and disease. This commitment translates into a safer and healthier workforce and work environment, which helps ensure your workers go home safely every day.

Competitive advantage
Having a certificate of recognition reflects your commitment to workplace health and safety, which may make it easier to hire and keep workers. It can also give you an advantage when it comes to work contracts. As clients become more socially conscious and discerning in choosing who to work with, it’s important to make the most of every opportunity that will give your company a competitive edge.

Financial savings
Achieving a certificate of recognition can also have positive financial impacts. When you maintain a safe and healthy workplace with few worker injuries and shorter claims duration, your company’s WorkSafeBC experience rating will improve. This will eventually lead to a discount on your WorkSafeBC premiums, which can result in significant savings.

As part of the COR/SECOR program, employers whose occupational health and safety management systems have passed an audit and are in good standing with WorkSafeBC are considered for financial incentives. Incentive payments are calculated using your company’s assessable payroll and the base rate for your classification unit (CU) for the incentive year.

In order to be effective, these are some of the following essentials:
Hazard identification and control
Commitment to company policy and management
Continuous inspections & audits
Qualifications of employees, training, and orientation
Emergency response
Incident investigation
Administration of program

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