WEHSS provides services to a variety of industries including
oil & gas/pipeline, logging, mining, and construction.


The petrochemical industry is a bustling sector with a variety of environmental and construction safety hazards that crews must fully comprehend in order to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. Having the correct safety procedures in place and necessary work permits for petrochemical and refinery sites is essential. WEHSS can help you and your team be prepared and efficiently complete these processes. 


Mining, by its nature, presents a wide range of environmental, health and safety factors that differs from other sectors. These may include ground control, occupational disease, water management, mobile equipment, worker fatigue, and airborne hazards. This high-risk industry is a vital component of our nation’s economic fabric. Speak to our EH&S professionals on how we can help you and your company prepare for success.  


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Whether its residential, commercial or industrial construction, WEHSS will create and develop a custom made EH&S program for your organization. Our knowledgeable team of professionals is ready to discuss any environmental or health & safety concerns that may arise.   


Logging operations involve falling, moving trees and logs from the stump to the point of delivery, transporting machines, equipment, and personnel to and from and between logging sites. 
We at WEHSS understand that  logging is one the most dangerous occupations in Canada. Loggers need to recognize the hazards and we have the tools to assist you in the prevention of workplace incidents.

With over 75 years of combined experience, our expertise is second to none!  We provide site visits, detailed EH&S Programs and more… to meet your company’s needs!

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