Why Choose WEHSS?

Because Experience Matters!
With over 75 years of combined experience, our expertise is second to none!  
We provide site visits, detailed Safety Management Systems (SMS), audits and inspections, and a variety of training options, to meet your company’s needs!  

Safety First!

We create a safety environment that reaches beyond expectations! Your site inspections will never be the same!

Be Proactive Not Reactive!

WEHSS equips you with the right EH&S program for your company and your employees, so nothing is left to chance!


WEHSS offers a variety of services for your EH&S needs, from creating tailored Safety Management Systems and EH&S Manuals to Audits & Inspections! Leave the EH&S of your company to the professionals!


WEHSS services many different industries including, but not limited to; Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Pipelines
and Logging.


To offer the best for our clients, we are looking for strong individuals to
fill EH&S positions.
Submit your resume to us and finally find the career you’ve been looking for with WEHSS!

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Find out how we can help!

With over 75 years of combined experience, our expertise is second to none!  We provide site visits, detailed EH&S Programs and more… to meet your company’s needs!

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Many times when looking for an employer we look for experience and passion over fit. With WEHSS there is no need to compromise. If your looking for an employer that puts your needs first and provides exceptional support, look no further. Experience in safety in the office or in the field cannot be compared as the owners pool their resources and knowledge to guarantee success not only for their employees but also for their clients. Sacrifice of ethics is never compromised. With regards to passion, get ready to meet a dedicated group of professionals to work around the clock to meet and exceed both individual concerns as well as the client needs. If you want a rewarding career, where one can freely express concerns and ideas and where the words employee satisfaction match their commitment to quality and safety excellence, look no further. Come aboard…to a team of true safety professionals awaiting your arrival.

Bruce Ponych, Safety Consultant

I like working for WEHSS because they have a variety of work depending on the season and they make sure that they match me up to the proper job that will suit me and the company. Each job I have taken has always been with excellent people and the work lasted longer than expected.

Dixie Norman, Safety Consultant, Safety Lifestyle Services LTD